Bully Kutta

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'Bully Kutta'
11 months old male
Other names

Sindhi Mastiff
Weight 140-210 pounds (64-95 kg)
Height 28-35 inches (71-91 cm)
Male 24'-30'
Female 22'-28'
Coat Short
Color White, white and black and white and brown.
Litter size 8-10 puppies
Life span 8-10 years[citation needed]
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Bully Kutta or Bully[1] or Indian Alangu Mastiff .[2] is a descendant of the extinct Alaunt that originated from the Sindh and Punjab regions of present-day Pakistan, where they are the most common guard-dog. The word Bully derives from the word bohli meaning heavily wrinkled in South-Asian languages, while the word Kutta means dog in South-Asian languages.


The Bully Kutta is predominantly white in color, however fawn, brindle, brown, black and various bicolors are also common. Bully Kutta can also be red nosed/yellow eyed but these are rare. Generally, a Bully Kutta stands 24"-30" tall. Usually they have large heads, strong bone structure, and loose, and stretchy skin.


A Bully Kutta's temperament ranges in variety. Training them and introducing them to family early on in puppy hood is recommended. It is a very smart dog breed and it can be easily trained. They are loyal and protective of its master, their family, and their master's belongings.

Dog fighting[edit]

Because of this breed's dog aggression, it is commonly used in Pakistan for dog fighting.

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