Buloh Kasap Bridge

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Sungai Muar Bridge
Jambatan Buloh Kasap
جمبتن بولوه كاسڤ
Carries Motor vehicles, Pedestrians
Crosses Muar River
Locale Jalan Gemas-Segamat
Official name Buloh Kasap Bridge
Maintained by Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) Segamat
Design arch bridge
Total length short length
Width --
Longest span --
Designer Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR)
Constructed by Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR)
Opened 1901-1948

The Buloh Kasap Bridge (Malay: Jambatan Buloh Kasap) is a famous historical bridge during World War II. It is located on Federal route Jkr-ft1.svg in the town of Buloh Kasap, Segamat District, Johor, Malaysia. The bridge is built across Muar River (Sungai Muar) which flows pass Buloh Kasap.

The old bridge of Buloh Kasap was built by British government during the construction of Federal Route 1. However, the British soldiers demolished a part of the bridge during World War II to stop the advance of Japanese soldiers from moving forward to Singapore. After the war ended, a new bridge was constructed just beside the old one.

When the stretch of Federal Route 1 was upgraded from Gemas to Ayer Hitam recently, the bridge was upgraded to a single-lane dual carriageway bridge to fulfil the latest standards of Malaysian federal roads.

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Coordinates: 2°33′19.5″N 102°45′43.1″E / 2.555417°N 102.761972°E / 2.555417; 102.761972