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Joint Stock Company
Industry telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Key people
Maxim Zayakov, CEO
Products Satellite television, Telephony, Internet services, mobile telephony
Slogan '"Your Digital World"'
Website http://www.bulsat.com/

Bulsatcom is Bulgarian satellite television, internet & mobile operator, founded in 2004 as the first DVB-C operator in the country.[citation needed] It is owned by Plamen Genchev. The company is operated from Stara Zagora. Since 2009 it has begun building an internet LAN network, and owns more than 15 regional operators in Bulgaria.[1] The company is currently the second-biggest in term of number of subscribers in Bulgaria, after the cable operator Blizoo.[citation needed] In 2012 the Bulgarian communication regulator (CRC) gave Bulsatcom permission to use radio-frequency resource for mobile and internet services.[2] In the end of 2013, CRC started a process to take the license from the company, due to late payments for it. By the end of January 2014 Bulsatcom paid all the payments and the license was saved. Also in the statement Bulsatcom made, it confirmed the rumor to start its own satellite, and develop the first LTE network in the country.[citation needed]

Bulsatcom also manages the company BG Sat, which owns the sport channel TV+ and the movie channel F+.[3]

Bulsatcom in Serbia[edit]

Bulsatcom launched a localised Serbian version of the platform in 2010. It is known under the name "Polaris Media". It is the cheapest satellite provider in Serbia, which allowed it to achieve a huge popularity, especially in the rural areas of the country.


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