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St. Francis Hospital Buluba
Roman Catholic Diocese of Jinja
Location Buluba, Mayuge District,  Uganda
Care system Community Hospital
Hospital type General
Emergency department I
Beds 100
Founded 1934
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Buluba Hospital, whose formal name is St. Francis Hospital Buluba, is a community hospital in Uganda. It is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jinja.[1]


The hospital is located in the village of Buluba, in Mayuge District, Busoga sub-region, Eastern Uganda. This location is approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi), by road, northwest of Mayuge, where the district headquarters are located. Buluba lies approximately 22 kilometres (14 mi), by road, south of Iganga, the nearest large town.[2] The coordinates of Buluba Hospital are:0° 29' 24.0"N, 33° 23' 6.0"E (Latitude:0.4900; Longitude:33.3850).[3]


St. Francis Hospital Buluba, is a rural community hospital, that serves the population of Mayuge District. It is the only General Hospital in the district. Due to the good quality of services rendered, many patients travel from other parts of the country to seek services at this facility.


The hospital was founded in 1934 by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa. Eventually, the Franciscan Sisters handed over the hospital to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jinja. The diocese entrusted the management and administration of the hospital to a native religious congregation of Franciscan Sisters, the Little Sisters of St. Francis. In the beginning, the hospital specialized in the treatment of leprosy, which was endemic in the area.[4] Dr Wanda Blenska, an eminent Polish expert in tropical diseases, worked there in 1951 to 1994 and succeeded to develop the hospital into an internationally recognized centre for leprosy treatment.[5] Later, the hospital added tuberculosis to the diseases it specializes in. Buluba Hospital maintains a prosthetic unit (initiated by Dr Blenska), one of the few in the country. As of January 2014, while the hospital attends to all general medical problems, they are adept and experienced in handling patients with leprosy and tuberculosis. Often, these patients also suffer from HIV/AIDS.[6]

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Coordinates: 00°29′24″N 33°23′06″E / 0.49000°N 33.38500°E / 0.49000; 33.38500