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Buruuli (Place) is a general term for the area where Baruuli live. They speak a language known as "Luluuli"It is a semi desert area where Lake Kyoga is their main source of food, employment and wealth. The baruuli are Bantu speaking people who live in the district of Nakasongola and some are in Bugerere Kayunga District. They are closely related to the Banyala of Kayunga District-almost speak the same language-and the Baganda too. They are ruled and governed by Ssabaluuli Mwogezi, who was crowned as their Kabaka by the president if Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The Baruuli people are herdsmen, farmers, fishermen and charcoal burners. They too carry out trade with the neighborhood in fish, charcoal and food. Their staple food is sweet potatoes and Matooke. They too grow millet, g-nuts, yams, cassava, and other kinds of vegetables.

Their land is very dry almost all months but they do farming near the shores of their cherished lake Kyoga. They are a Bantu speaking tribe with riddles and parables and are very sociable people. Sometimes, these Bantu speaking people refer to themselves-and by others as Baduuli which means “Boasters”. This is a term that has been used for long ever since the creation of their territories. Every family had a banana plantation and Cows and this made them very happy and boastful to the other tribes they associated and lived with. All they cherished was their long-horned cows similar to the Nsagala-long horned cows of the Banyankole of Bushenyi and Mbarara Districts in the Western Uganda.

These cows were a source of wealth both to a family and their relatives. They used to exchange cows for other breeds of cattle, sheep and goats. They were also used in the marriage ceremonies as the groom was supposed to pay 4 cows to the family of the bride. Lake Kyoga remains their cherished ASSET because it is regarded as their HEART. Without it, they can not get sauce, money and other necessities of life.

Commercially, the Baruuli People of Nakasongola District trade with the neighbors who include the Langi, Acholi, Baganda, banyoro and Bakenyi and Basoga. Exchange of fish for boats, cows for other necessities were carried out and this now is extinct.