Bumble Hole Branch Canal

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Entrance to Boshboil Branch (under Boshboil Arm Bridge)
Toll Island near Windmill End Junction
Dunn's Bridge over the junction of Bumble Hole Branch Canal on the left with Bumble Hole Bridge on the right. The bridges were constructed in 1858 and were cast at the Toll End Works in Tipton.

The present day Bumble Hole Branch Canal and Boshboil Branch surround Bumble Hole, a water-filled clay pit, in Bumble Hole and Warren's Hall Nature Reserve, Rowley Regis, West Midlands, England. They formed a looped part of the original Dudley No. 2 Canal until the opening of the Netherton Tunnel in 1858 when the loop was bypassed by a new cut, in line with the new tunnel. Part of the bypassed canal loop, which surrounds Bumble Hole, is now in-filled giving access to the pool of Bumble Hole. An area next to the Bumble Hole and Dudley canals is the Bumble Hole Local Nature Reserve.[1][2]

Cobb's Engine House[edit]

Between Windmill End Junction and the tunnel portal stands Cobb's Engine House, built in 1831 to pump water from coal mines into the canal.

Bumble Hole railway[edit]

The Bumble Hole railway used to cross the canal near Windmill End Junction, but was dismantled in 1969.

Canal map[edit]

Bumble Hole Branch Canal
Netherton Tunnel (South portal)
Cobb's Engine House
Bumble Hole railway
Windmill End Jn. Toll island and Dudley No 2 Canal to Halesowen (right)
Boshboil Branch
Loop encloses Bumble Hole
Bumble Hole Branch extended to Dixon's Green Furnaces
Bumble Hole Branch
Dudley No 2 Canal (to Parkhead Jn)


Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Netherton Tunnel south portal 52°29′36″N 2°04′09″W / 52.4933°N 2.0692°W / 52.4933; -2.0692 (Netherton Tunnel) SO953884
Cobb's Engine House 52°29′34″N 2°04′08″W / 52.4929°N 2.0690°W / 52.4929; -2.0690 (Cobb's Engine House) SO953883
Windmill End Junction 52°29′30″N 2°04′13″W / 52.4916°N 2.0702°W / 52.4916; -2.0702 (Windmill End Junction) SO952882
Bumble Hole pool 52°29′28″N 2°04′24″W / 52.4912°N 2.0732°W / 52.4912; -2.0732 (Bumble Hole pool) SO950881
Bumble Hole Branch (junction) 52°29′24″N 2°04′21″W / 52.4900°N 2.0725°W / 52.4900; -2.0725 (Bumble Hole Branch (junction)) SO950880

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Coordinates: 52°29′30″N 2°04′13″W / 52.4916°N 2.0702°W / 52.4916; -2.0702