Bumpers (album)

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Bumpers (Island Records sample album - cover art).jpg
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released 1970
Genre Rock
Length 85:50
Label Island IDP 1
Producer Various
Series chronology
Nice Enough to Eat
(1969)Nice Enough to Eat1969
El Pea
(1971)El Pea1971
The gatefold interior

Bumpers was a double sampler album from Island Records, released in Europe and Australasia in 1970; there were minor variations in track listings within Europe but the Australian release was fundamentally different. The title refers to the training shoes which can be seen on the front of the album cover but there may also be a less obvious reference to the meaning "unusually large, abundant or excellent".[1] The album is left to present itself; there are no sleeve notes, the gatefold interior consists of a photograph showing publicity shots of the featured acts attached to the bole of a tree, without any identification. This image is flanked by the track listings, but even there, the information given is unreliable.[2] Unlike its predecessors You Can All Join In and Nice Enough To Eat, there are no credits for cover art (the cover art was by Tony Wright, his first sleeve for Island), photography or design. The impression is left that the album's production was rushed, presumably to leave enough lead-time to promote the albums featured. The English version of the album came out in two pressings, one with the pink label and "i" logo, the other with the label displaying a palm motif on a white background and a pink rim, each version with some minor variations in the production of individual tracks.

UK Track Listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Every Mother's Son" (Steve Winwood) - Traffic (from John Barleycorn Must Die (ILPS 9116)) (7:06)
  2. "Love" (Jess Roden) - Bronco (from Bronco (ILPS 9134))[3] (4:42)
  3. "I Am the Walrus" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - Spooky Tooth (from The Last Puff (ILPS 9117)) (6:20)
  4. "Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga" (Quintessence) - Quintessence (from Quintessence (ILPS 9128)) (5:15)

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Thunderbuck Ram" (Mick Ralphs) - Mott the Hoople (from Mad Shadows (ILPS 9119)[4]) (4:50)
  2. "Nothing To Say" (Ian Anderson) - Jethro Tull (from Benefit (ILPS 9123)) (5:10)
  3. "Going Back West" (Jimmy Cliff) - Jimmy Cliff (from Jimmy Cliff (ILPS 9133))[5] (5:32)
  4. "Send Your Son To Die" (Mick Abrahams) - Blodwyn Pig (from Getting To This (ILPS 9122)) (4:35)
  5. "Little Woman" (Dave Mason) - Dave Mason (no source listed)[6] (2:30)

Side Three[edit]

  1. "Go Out And Get It" (John Martyn) - John & Beverley Martyn (from Stormbringer! (ILPS 9113)) (3:15)
  2. "Cadence & Cascade"[7] (Robert Fripp, Pete Sinfield) - King Crimson (from In the Wake of Poseidon (ILPS 9127)) (4:30)
  3. "Reaching Out On All Sides" (Quincy, Fishman) - If (from If (ILPS 9129)) (5:35)
  4. "Oh I Wept" (Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff) - Free (from Fire and Water (ILSP 9120)) (4:25)
  5. "Hazey Jane" (Nick Drake) - Nick Drake (from his album to be released Autumn '70)[8] (4:28)

Side Four[edit]

  1. "Walk Awhile" (Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick) - Fairport Convention (from Full House (ILPS 9130)) (4:00)
  2. "Maybe You're Right" (Cat Stevens) - Cat Stevens (from Mona Bone Jakon (ILPS 9118)) (3:00)
  3. "Island" (Keith Relf, Jim McCarty) - Renaissance (from Renaissance (ILPS 9114)) (5:57)
  4. "The Sea" (Sandy Denny) - Fotheringay (from Fotheringay (ILPS 9125)) (5:25)
  5. "Take Me To Your Leader" (Ellis, Ritchie, Hughes) -Clouds (intended to be on their Chrysalis album to be released Autumn '70)[9] (2:55)


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