Bumpy (video game)

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Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy
Developer(s) Loriciels
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC
Release date(s) 1989
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player


Bumpy, also known as Pop-Up and Cool-Ball, is a 2D platforming video game created by Loriciels. It was released for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC in 1989[1] and ported to PC in 1992.[2]
Loriciels wanted a 16-bit game so they handed it over to Infogrames who made Pop-up in 1991. The loading screen and graphics changed but the music sound effects and gameplay remained the same.
The DOS version is called Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy, it has almost the same gameplay as the other platforms, but has better graphics, by using a VGA or EGA display adapter.


The player controls a ball, trying to get it to the exit by bouncing it off walls and various types of platforms. While most platforms are perfectly harmless, some have additional qualities, such as being destructible, thereby granting access to other parts of the screen. Some platforms are on fire, which will turn out lethal unless the player has picked up a water droplet in advance.