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Sesame seed hamburger buns.jpg
Sesame seed hamburger buns
Main ingredientsFlour, sugar, butter, milk, yeast, cardamom
A Swedish-style saffron bun usually made during Christmas season, more specifically on Saint Lucy's Day

A bun is a small, sometimes sweet, bread-based item[1] or roll. Though they come in many shapes and sizes, they are most commonly hand-sized or smaller, with a round top and flat bottom.

Buns are usually made from flour, sugar, milk, yeast and butter. Common sweet varieties contain small fruit or nuts, and may topped with icing or caramel, or filled with jam or cream. Some types of buns are filled with various meats, or used to serve meats (such as hotdogs or hamburgers).

"Bun" may also refer to particular types of filled dumplings, such as Chinese baozi. Some of these types of dumplings may be bread-like in texture.

A bun is normally made from dough that has been enriched with sugar and butter and occasionally egg. Without any of these, the dough remains to be 'bread dough' rather than 'bun dough'.

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