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Buna may refer to:



Rivers and other waterbodies[edit]

  • Buna, the Albanian name for the Bojana River in Albania and Montenegro
  • Buna (Neretva), a Neretva tributary in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Buna Bay, a bay and port of Papua New Guinea




  • HMAS Buna (L 132), a Balikpapan class heavy landing craft operated by the Royal Australian Navy
  • JDS Buna (PF-294), a Tacoma class frigate operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Other uses[edit]

  • Buna or Fagus crenata, a deciduous tree of the Beech family
  • Buna rubber, a synthetic rubber
  • Buna Werke Schkopau, a former IG Farben synthetic rubber plant near Halle (Saale), later VEB Chemische Werke Buna
  • Monowitz Buna Werke, a former IG Farben synthetic rubber plant with an attached Nazi German labor camp near Oswiecim, Poland
  • buna, meaning "uprising" in Serbo-Croatian
  • Buna, the Andorran term for the bagpipes called sac de gemecs in Catalonia
  • "Buna", an Italian slang for cleaning your plate with a slice of bread.

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