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Ippitsusai Bunchō (一筆斎文調, fl. 1755–1790) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist, best known for his yakusha-e actor prints in narrow hosoban dimensions.[1] Bunchō and Katsukawa Shunshō are credited with having developed kabuki actor portraiture focuses on producing likenesses of the subjects, rather than stereotyped faces.[2]

Little is known about Bunchō's life. His birth surname was Mori, and he is believed to have studied painting under Ishikawa Yukimoto of the Kanō school.[1]

The earliest known works attributed to Bunchō are the illustrations to Hachimonji Jishō II's Eiga asobi nidai otoko (1755). Between 1766 and 1774 he made a large number of actor prints in the narrow vertical hosoban dimensions. In 1770 he produced the three-volume Ehon butai ōgi (絵本舞台扇, "Picture-book of Stage Fans") with Katsukawa Shunshō, which depicts the leading kabuki actors of the day on ōgi hand fans; Bunchō handled the onnagata—male actors who portray female characters.[1] It was popular and went through multiple printings.[3]

From 1769 he also made bijin-ga prints of female beauties that show the influence of Suzuki Harunobu.[1] These became his major subject, and in the An'ei era (1772–81) no actor prints of his are known.[3]

Bunchō's last known work was an e-goyomi picture calendar from 1790. He had few students, one of whom was Kishi Bunshō (1754–96).[1]


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