Bunch of Hits

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Bunch of Hits
Banana boh.jpg
Greatest hits album by Bananarama
Released 1993
Recorded 1981–1991
Genre Pop, new wave
Label Alex Records
Bananarama chronology
Please Yourself
Bunch of Hits
Ultra Violet / I Found Love
Alternative cover
UK re-issue cover (1998)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Bunch of Hits is a greatest hits compilation by Bananarama. It was released in 1993 and contained many of the same tracks found on the 1989 hits set Greatest Hits Collection. Along with hits, several album tracks were included here. Curiously absent are Bananarama's two biggest singles, "Cruel Summer" and "Venus". It also included two B-sides available for the first time on CD, "Scarlett" and "Ghost". This album was not released by the group's record label London Records. The album was released with different artwork and titles in other countries, such as Pop Giants (1997, Germany), Collection Series (1997, Australia), Robert De Niro's Waiting (1999, Netherlands) and also saw a re-release with different artwork in the UK in 1998.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Love in the First Degree" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:29
  2. "Bad for Me" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:36
  3. "I Heard a Rumour" (Aitken, Dallin, Fahey, Stock) – 3:25
  4. "Ain't No Cure" (Aitken, Dallin, Stock) – 3:24
  5. "I Can't Let You Go" (Caine, Dallin, Youth) – 6:11
  6. "Hooked on Love" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:48
  7. "Young at Heart" (Dallin, Fahey, Hodgens) – 3:10
  8. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..." (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:30
  9. "Hot Line to Heaven" (Jolley, Swain) (album edit version) – 3:51
  10. "Dance with a Stranger" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 4:28
  11. "Scarlett" (Bishop, Dallin, Fahey, Seymour) – 4:13
  12. "Ghost" (Bishop, Dallin, Fahey, Seymour) – 4:05
  13. "Rough Justice" (Dallin, Fahey, Jolley, Swain) – 3:37
  14. "Cheers Then" (Dallin, Fahey, Martin, Sharpe) – 3:26