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Bunda Town, as seen from Balili Mountain Resort. Looking in northern direction with the road going to Musoma in the middle.

Bunda Township serves as the Bunda District's capital, and lies in the Mara Region in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The town was previously an administrative part of the Bunda District, but in 2007 the town was parted from the District. In 2007 the town had 37,000 inhabitants.

Bunda has had a friendly relationship with the Norwegian Municipality Tingvoll since 1990. In 2007 the partnership was expanded through a program called "Municipal International Co-Operation".[1] The overall strategic goal for the programme is to improve municipal governance and services, and the method is to stimulate the collaboration between local authorities in Tingvoll and Bunda. There are 15 other pairs of municipalities included in the programme.


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Coordinates: 2°03′00″S 33°52′00″E / 2.0500°S 33.8667°E / -2.0500; 33.8667