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Rajput clan: Bundela
Descended from: Vindhya Range
Branches: -
Ruled in Bundelkhand
Princely states: Orchha (1501-1950)
Datia (1626-1950)
Panna (1732–1950)
Ajaigarh (1765–1950)
Charkhari (1765–1950)
Chhatarpur (???-1785)

The Bundelas are a Rajput clan of Chattari lineage who ruled several states in central India in Bundelkhand region from the 16th century.

Portrait of Rao Vir Singh

Rule at Bundelkhand[edit]

Chhatris (cenotaphs) of Bundela rulers, on the Betwa River near Orchha.

Bundela rulers received constant military support from Ahirs.[1] In the 14th century Sahanpal Bundela, together with Parmars, and Chauhans captured Garhkundar, near Damoh from a Khangar king. The Bundela chief Rudra Pratap Singh (ruled 1501–1531) founded the state of Orchha.[2]

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