Bundelkhand Yearly Meeting

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Bundelkhand Yearly Meeting
Classification Quaker

Friends World Committee for Consultation;

Evangelical Friends International
Region Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh, India
Origin 1956
Congregations 5
Hospitals 1
Primary schools 4

Bundelkhand Yearly Meeting (Bundelkhand Masihi Mitr Samaj) is a yearly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh state in mid-India.[1] It was formed from Friends Churches set up by missionaries from Ohio Yearly Meeting in 1896,[2][3][4] and the first independent yearly meeting was held in Chhatarpur in 1956.[4] Theologically it falls within the evangelical tradition,[1][3] unlike nearby Mid-India Yearly Meeting.[4][5]

The main Friends' Church is at Chhatarpur, where the church is adjacent to Chhatarpur Christian Hospital, which was set up by Friends from the Friends' Foreign Mission Society in 1930,[2][6] and run by Friends[2] although is now administered as part of Emmanuel Hospital Association.[6] There is also an English-medium and Hindi-medium Christian school run by the Friends' Church.[2] There are also Friends' Churches at Nowgong, Bijawar and Gwhara.

It is affiliated to Evangelical Friends Church International[3] and Friends World Committee for Consultation.[1][7]


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