Bundesautobahn 22

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Bundesautobahn 22
Karte Bundesautobahn 22.png
Route information
Length120 km (70 mi)
HistoryRenamed to A 20 in 2010
StatesLower Saxony
Highway system
Preferred trajectory (Vorzugsvariante), indicated on a map of the Northern German motorway system. Note that the BAB 22 connects to the planned extension of BAB 20 east of the Elbe river.

Bundesautobahn 22 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 22, short form Autobahn 22, abbreviated as BAB 22 or A 22) is an autobahn in Germany that is in the planning stage. The A 22 is supposed to connect the A 28 near Westerstede with the A 27 near Bremerhaven, crossing the A 29 near Jaderberg . A vital part of the projected A 22 is the Wesertunnel south of Bremerhaven, which is currently part of Bundesstraße 437. Eastwards of Bremerhaven, the A 22 planning proposes passing Stade and crossing the Elbe river as part of the A 20. Details of the trajectory are being discussed in the counties and municipalities involved; the projected start of construction is said to be around 2013.

On 25 June 2010 the land counsel of Lower Saxony decided that the A22 will be renamed to A20 to show it is a lengthening of the Ostsee- or Küstenautobahn.

Proposed Route[edit]