Bundesautobahn 29

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Bundesautobahn 29
Route information
Length 93 km (58 mi)
Major junctions
From Wilhelmshaven
To Oldenburg
States Lower Saxony
Highway system
A 28A 30

Bundesautobahn 29 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 29, short form Autobahn 29, abbreviated as BAB 29 or A 29) is an autobahn in northwestern Germany. It connects the city of Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg and the A 1, running very roughly from north to south.

Traffic currently is light, but an increase in freight traffic is to be expected when the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven becomes operational.

Exit list[edit]

Near Ahlhorn, completed in 1984, sections of motorway were designed to be used as a military runway.
A C-130 Hercules transport plane during a NATO exercise, Highway 84.
AB-AS-blau.svg (1) Niedersachsendamm
AB-AS-blau.svg (2) Fedderwardergroden
AB-AS-blau.svg (3) Wilhelmshaven
AB-AS-blau.svg (4) Fedderwarden
AB-AS-blau.svg (5) Wilhelmshavener Kreuz
AB-Brücke.svg Ems-Jade-Kanal-Brücke
AB-AS-blau.svg (6) Sande
AB-AS-blau.svg (7) Zetel
AB-AS-blau.svg (8) Varel / Bockhorn
Zeichen 314-50 - Parkplatz, StVO 2013.svg parking area Pfeil oben.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (9) Varel-Obenstrohe
AB-AS-blau.svg (10) Jaderberg
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg Kreuz Jaderberg (planned)
Parkplatz mit WC (Zeichen).png Rest area
AB-AS-blau.svg (11) Hahn-Lehmden
AB-AS-blau.svg (12) Rastede
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (13) Oldenburg-Nord 4-way interchange
AB-AS-blau.svg (14) Oldenburg-Ohmstede (Nordtangente)
AB-Brücke.svg Huntebrücke
AB-AS-blau.svg (15) Oldenburg-Hafen
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (16) Oldenburg-Ost 4-way interchange
AB-AS-blau.svg (17) Sandkrug
AB-Brücke.svg Huntebrücke
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Services Huntetal-West Pfeil unten.svg
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Services Huntetal-Ost Pfeil oben.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (18) Wardenburg
AB-AS-blau.svg (19) Großenkneten
AB-AS-blau.svg (20) Ahlhorn
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (21) Ahlhorner Heide 3-way interchange

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