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Bundesautobahn 485
Route information
Length: 20 km (10 mi)
Major junctions
North end: Gießen
South end: Langgöns
States: Hesse
Highway system
  • Roads in Germany

Bundesautobahn 485 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 485, short form Autobahn 485, abbreviated as BAB 485 or A 485) is an autobahn in Germany.

The A 485 northbound at the Rödgener Straße bridge, just after junction 4.

The A 485 is an eastern bypass of the town of Gießen. Between junctions 1 and 7, it is the eastern leg of the Gießener Ring.

The A 485 is one of two completed portions of an abandoned plan to extend the A 49 to Darmstadt. The other portion is the A 661 from junction 8 onwards.

Junction 1 is split into three parts. Heading northbound, the first part that is encountered is a trumpet interchange with the B 3a freeway. The B 3a continues northbound, while A 485 traffic is required to exit the freeway to the right. After exiting, the A 485 continues on a shorter stretch of freeway, passing the Marburger Straße junction before ending at a trumpet with the A 480. All three parts are signed as junction 1, and both trumpets are named Gießener Nordkreuz.

Exit list[edit]

AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (1) Gießener Nordkreuz (western half)
AB-AS-blau.svg (1) Gießen-Marburger Straße
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (1) Gießener Nordkreuz (eastern half)
AB-AS-blau.svg (2) Gießen-Wieseck
AB-AS-blau.svg (3) Gießen-Ursulum
AB-AS-blau.svg (4) Gießen-Grünberger Straße
exit from Pfeil oben.svg northbound only, no entrance
AB-AS-blau.svg (5) Gießen-Licher Straße
AB-AS-blau.svg (6) Gießen-Schiffenberger Tal
AB-AS-blau.svg Oberhof (planned)
AB-AS-blau.svg (7) Bergwerkswald
AB-AS-blau.svg (8) Linden
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (9) Gießener Südkreuz
AB-AS-blau.svg (10) Langgöns
Freeway continues as the B 3 towards Frankfurt am Main

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