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The top division of team wrestling in Germany, is the Bundesliga (German: Bundesliga-Ringen). Every year since 1964, championships have been held by Bundesliga-Ringen.[1]

Each time a team competes, then a number of the matches will be contested by rules of Greco-Roman wrestling, and the rest of the matches will be fought by the rules of Freestyle wrestling.

The Vorrunde consists of 20 teams (2010–11) competing for a slot in the play-offs, which consists of quarter-finals and semi-finals.

The finals are held around the month of February. The finals consist of one set of matches (in different weight classes) during an evening, and another set of matches on another evening.

Previous seasons[edit]

Champion, 2009/2010-season: KSV Aalen 05 (20:18 and 22:16 against SV Germania Weingarten)

The teams in 2010/2011:

  • (Staffel West)
KSV Aalen 05
TKSV Bonn-Duisdorf
RKG Freiburg 2000
KSV AE Köllerbach
ASV Mainz 1888
RWG Mömbris/Königshofen
TSV Musberg
ASV Nendingen
KSK Konkordia Neuss
SV Germania Weingarten
  • (Staffel Ost)
SV Luftfahrt Berlin
SV Wacker Burghausen
RSV Frankfurt/Eisenhüttenstadt
SV Siegfried Hallbergmoos
SV St. Johannis
AC Lichtenfels
1. Luckenwalder SC
AV Germania Markneukirchen
RV Thalheim