Bundesstraße 1

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B1 shield}}
Bundesstraße 1
Route information
Length778 km (483 mi)
Major junctions
Major intersections
B 1 Route Map
 Netherlands N278

Aachen region (Registration plates: AC )
EU-Icon.svg (NL) Vaalserquartier border crossing
Crossing Junkerstr./Vaalser Str. B1a B57 B264
Crossing Jakobstr./Lütticher Str. B264
Crossing Vereinsstr. B57
Crossing Adalbertsteinweg B258
Crossing Monheimsallee/Peterstr. B1a B57 B264
AB-AS-blau.svg (4) Europaplatz

continues via A544 A44 A61 A46 A57

Rhein-Kreis Neuss (Registration plates: NE )
AB-AS-blau.svg (22) Neuss-Hafen
AB-Brücke.svg Josef Kardinal Frings Bridge (Rhine) 762 m
Düsseldorf (Registration plates: D )
Crossing Südring B326
AB-Tunnel.svg Rhine Tunnel 1931 m
AB-AS-gelb.svg Ernst-Gnoß-Str. in tunnel
Kreuz () Rheinknie Bridge in tunnel interchange  
Kreuz () Derendorf interchange B7 B8
Kreuz () Mörsenbroicher Ei interchange B7 B8
AB-AS-blau.svg (21) Düsseldorf-Rath

continues via A52

Mettmann district (Registration plates: ME )
AB-AS-blau.svg (25) Breitscheid
AB-AS-gelb.svg Kahlenbergsweg/Lintorfer Weg
Mülheim an der Ruhr (Registration plates: MH )
Crossing Straßburger Allee B223
AB-Brücke.svg Menden Bridge (Ruhr)
AB-AS-gelb.svg Frohnhauser Weg/Velauer Str. arrow above
AB-AS-blau.svg (19) Mülheim-Heißen

continues via A40

Dortmund (Registration plates: DO )
Motor road
AB-AS-gelb.svg Dortmund-Hombruch, WDR-ZVS
Kreuz () Zentrum interchange B54
AB-AS-gelb.svg Märkische Str.
Kreuz () Dortmund-Ost interchange B236
AB-AS-gelb.svg Stadtkrone-Ost
AB-AS-gelb.svg Psychiatric centre arrow down exit only
AB-AS-gelb.svg Dortmund-Aplerbeck
AB-AS-gelb.svg Dortmund-Sölde
Unna district (Registration plates: UN )
AB-AS-blau.svg (51) Holzwickede A44
End of the motor road
end of motor road
AB-AS-blau.svg (48) Unna A1
AB-AS-gelb.svg Feldstr.
Crossing Iserlohner Str. B233
Crossing Unna B233
Soest district (Registration plates: SO )
AB-AS-blau.svg (59) Werl-Zentrum A445
Zeichen 310.svg
Zeichen 310.svg
Soest B229 B475
Zeichen 310.svg
Bad Sassendorf
Crossing Erwitte B55
Zeichen 310.svg
Zeichen 310.svg
Paderborn district (Registration plates: PB )
Zeichen 310.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (27) Paderborn-Zentrum B64 B68

weiter über A33

AB-AS-blau.svg (26) Paderborn-Elsen
Motor road
AB-AS-gelb.svg Paderborn-Nord
AB-AS-gelb.svg Paderborn-Marienloh
AB-AS-gelb.svg Bad Lippspringe-Süd
AB-AS-gelb.svg Bad Lippspringe
Lippe district (Registration plates: LIP )
AB-AS-gelb.svg Schlangen
End of the motor road
end of motor road
Tourist information.svg Teutoburg Forest / Eggegebirge Nature Park
AB-Brücke.svg Strothetalbrücke 393 m
Exit Horn L954
Exit Bad-Meinberg B239
Exit Reelkirchen
Exit Höntrup
Zeichen 310.svg
Blomberg B252
Zeichen 310.svg
Barntrup B66
Exit Sonneborn
Hameln-Pyrmont district (Registration plates: HM )
Zeichen 310.svg
Tourist information.svg Weser Uplands-Schaumburg-Hamelin Nature Park
Zeichen 310.svg
Zeichen 310.svg
Hamelin B83 B217
Zeichen 310.svg
Coppenbrügge B442
Zeichen 310.svg
Hildesheim district (Registration plates: HI )
Zeichen 310.svg
Elze B3
Zeichen 310.svg
Exit Klein Escherde
Motor road
AB-AS-gelb.svg L460
AB-AS-gelb.svg Emmerke
AB-AS-gelb.svg L460
End of the motor road
end of motor road
Exit Himmelsthür L102
Zeichen 310.svg
Exit Tannenweg
Motor road
AB-AS-gelb.svg Himmelsthürer Str.
AB-AS-gelb.svg Am Kupferstrange
AB-AS-gelb.svg Schützenwiese B243
Exit Römerring
Crossing (Kreisverkehr) Berliner Str. B6
AB-AS-blau.svg (62) Hildesheim A7
End of built-up area
End of the motor road
end of motor road
Zeichen 310.svg
Einum L203
Zeichen 310.svg
Hoheneggelsen B444
Landkreis Peine (Registration plates: PE )
Zeichen 310.svg
Groß-Lafferde B444
Vechelde local diversion B65
Zeichen 310.svg
Braunschweig (Brunswick) (Registration plates: BS )
AB-AS-blau.svg (5) Braunschweig-Lehndorf A391
Zeichen 310.svg
Braunschweig (Brunswick) B248
Wolfenbüttel district (Registration plates: WF )
Exit L625 Sickte A39
Cremlingen local diversion A39
Tourist information.svg Cremlingen-Abbenrode radio transmitter site
Zeichen 310.svg
Helmstedt district (Registration plates: HE )
Zeichen 310.svg
Bornum am Elm
Zeichen 310.svg
Helmstedt B244 B245a
AB-AS-blau.svg (63) Helmstedt-Ost A2
Börde district (Registration plates: BK )
Tourist information.svg Helmstedt-Marienborn border crossing
Zeichen 310.svg
Zeichen 310.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (66) Bornstedt A2
Zeichen 310.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (3) Magdeburg-Stadtfeld A14
Magdeburg (Registration plates: MD )
Zeichen 310.svg
Magdeburg B71 B81 B184 B189
Jerichower Land district (Registration plates: JL )
Zeichen 310.svg
Heyrothsberge B184
AB-AS-blau.svg (73) Burg-Zentrum A2
Tourist information.svg Burg transmission site
Zeichen 310.svg
Burg B246a
Zeichen 310.svg
Genthin B107
Brandenburg (Registration plates: BRB )
Zeichen 310.svg
Brandenburg an der Havel B102
Potsdam-Mittelmark district (Registration plates: PM )
Zeichen 310.svg
Groß Kreutz (Havel)
AB-AS-blau.svg (22) Groß-Kreutz A10
Zeichen 310.svg
Werder (Havel)
Zeichen 310.svg
Potsdam (Registration plates: P )
Zeichen 310.svg
Potsdam B2 B273
Tourist information.svg Glienicker Bridge
End of built-up area
Berlin (Registration plates: B )
Tourist information.svg Glienicker Bridge
Zeichen 310.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (4) Berlin-Zehlendorf A115
AB-AS-blau.svg (5) Berlin-Wolfensteindamm/Schloßstraße A103
AB-AS-blau.svg (17) Berlin-Schöneberg A100
AB-AS-blau.svg (1) Sachsendamm A103
Crossing Berlin-Potsdamer Platz B96

together with the B5 Ri.Müncheberg
Crossing Berlin-Alexanderplatz B2 B5
Crossing Berlin-Frankfurter Tor B96a
AB-AS-gelb.svg Berlin-Friedrichsfelde B158
End of built-up area
Märkisch-Oderland district (Registration plates: MOL )
Zeichen 310.svg
AB-AS-blau.svg (4) Berlin-Hellersdorf A10
Zeichen 310.svg
Rüdersdorf bei Berlin B5
Tourist information.svg Märkische Schweiz Nature Park
together with the B5 Ri.Berlin

Müncheberg local diversion B5 B168
Seelow local diversion B167
Tourist information.svg Seelower Höhen Memorial
Tourist information.svg Oderbruch
AB-AS-gelb.svg Manschnow B112
Tourist information.svg Fort Gorgast
Zeichen 310.svg

 Poland DK22 federal road
Powiat Gorzowski (Registration plates: FGW )
EU-Icon.svg (PL) Küstrin border crossing
StatesNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin
Highway system
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The Bundesstraße 1 (abbr. B1) is a German federal highway running in an east-west direction from the Dutch border near Aachen to the Polish border at Küstrin-Kietz on the Oder River.


The road developed from an ancient east-western trade route connecting the shore of the North Sea at Bruges with the area of Novgorod. A trade and military road was already mentioned in Ptolemy's Geography about 150 AD, parts of it formed the medieval Westphalian Hellweg trade route, vital for the transport of salt and crops, and the course of the Via Regia, the Ottonian "royal road" through the Holy Roman Empire from Aachen to Magdeburg.

From the late 18th century onwards, parts of the route were rebuilt as a chaussee, mainly in the area between Aachen and Jülich as well as on the nearby territory of the County of Mark, promoted by the Brandenburg-Prussian administration under Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein. Stein also concluded an agreement to extend the road via the territory of Imperial Essen Abbey for the accessibility of the coal deposits in Cleves. The road from the Prussian capital Berlin to the royal castles in Potsdam was rebuilt in 1792 and extended to Brandenburg an der Havel until 1799.

After Napoleonic Wars and the Empire's dissolution in 1806, the Prussian monarchs systematically expanded the road network, completing the chaussee between Berlin and Magdeburg in 1824, and between Berlin and Königsberg in 1828, reaching the East Prussian terminus at Gumbinnen (present-day Gusev, Russia) in 1835. In 1932 the major highways of the German Reich were numbered and two years later the Fernverkehrsstraße 1 was incorporated into the Reichsstraßen system. After 1945 the former Reichstraße 1 was split into Bundesstraße 1 in West Germany and Fernverkehrsstraße 1 in East Germany until 1990. The part east of the Oder became part of different polish Droga krajowa.

Route description[edit]

The road's western terminus is in Aachen, where it connects with the N278 in the Netherlands.

The road heads eastward through the Ruhr Area in the state of North Rhine Westphalia. Here it is identical with A 40. Leaving the Ruhr Area east of Dortmund, the B1 travels the more scenic route that shadows the A 2. Here it follows the old trading route Hellweg, crossing cities like Unna, Werl, Soest, Paderborn, Hamelin, Hildesheim and Brunswick. It then continues to Magdeburg, Potsdam and Berlin.

The road reaches Berlin's city limits at Glienicke Bridge and heads towards the inner city via Potsdamer Platz, Leipziger Platz and Leipziger Straße to Alexanderplatz. It leaves Berlin to the eastern side via Karl-Marx-Allee, Frankfurter Tor and Frankfurter Allee, joined by the Bundesstraße 5 for around 20 km up to Müncheberg, before reaching the Polish border.

The road's eastern terminus in Küstrin-Kietz is with Polish national road DK22 which crosses the country in an easterly direction.

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