Bundesstraße 241

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Bundesstraße 241
Route information
Length: 156 km (97 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Hohenwepel (near Warburg)
East end: Vienenburg
States: North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony
Highway system
  • Roads in Germany
The B 241 reaches its highest point at the Gasthof Auerhahn inn in the Harz mountains (636 m above NHN)

The B 241 is a federal road (Bundesstraße) in Germany.

It runs from Hohenwepel (near Warburg) to Vienenburg.


States and districts[edit]

River crossings[edit]

  • Weser, between Beverungen and Lauenförde
  • Ahle, in Uslar
  • Leine, between Höckelheim und Northeim
  • Gose near Goslar
  • Rhume, in Northeim and in Katlenburg
  • Söse, in Osterode
  • Oker, in Oker and Vienenburg


  • On the section between Lauenförde and Amelith there are two Grabungsstellen as well as the Hutewald Trail (Hutewaldpfad).
  • The section between Uslar and Hardegsen is popular with motorcyclists because it runs over the winding and forested mountain road known as the Bollert which also has many straight sections before and after it. The Bollert section is now being moved and widened to three lanes between Volpriehausen and Ellierode, this work will be completed by August 2011 and will lessen its attraction to bikers.

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