Bungala River

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Bungala River
Origin Lower Inman Valley
Mouth Normanville
Basin countries Australia
Length 6.3km

The Bungala River is a river that runs north west through the Fleurieu Peninsula, in South Australia through primarily agricultural surroundings. The Bungala runs past the town of Yankalilla, and enters the sea near Normanville. It originates in the lower Inman Valley region a mountainous catchment area.

The wetlands surrounding the river are classified as Brackish wetlands, with the estuary also having a brackish wetland system, and coastal dunes along the neighboring stretch of coast.[1]

The river's name is derived from an Aboriginal name adopted for a house built on section 1171 by Eli Butterworth in the 1860s. He and his brother John owned and operated a steam powered flour mill on adjoining land.[2]

The Yankalilla Bay Catchment Action Group and the Normanville Heritage Sand Dune Rehabilitation Group are environmental groups aiming to preserving and restoring the river's natural state, whilst maintaining its use by the surrounding community. The latter are concerned primarily with Yankalilla and further inland sections of the river,[3] and the former are concerned with the estuary and coastal section of the river.[4]


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Coordinates: 35°26′S 138°18′E / 35.433°S 138.300°E / -35.433; 138.300