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Les Graham Memorial Shelter (formerly the site of a Shepherds Hut or the Bungalow Bridge) is situated between the 30th Milestone and the 31st Milestone road-side marker on the Snaefell Mountain Course on the primary A18 Mountain Road in the parish of Lonan in the Isle of Man.

The Bungalow Bridge was part of the Highland Course and Four Inch Course used for the Gordon Bennett Trial and the Tourist Trophy automobile car races held in the Isle of Man between 1904 and 1922. The Bungalow Bridge is part of the Snaefell Mountain Course used since 1911 for the Isle of Man TT and from 1923 for the Manx Grand Prix Races.

A stone shelter in a style of a small mountain Alpine Lodge was built in 1955 in memorial to Les Graham the former 500cc World Motor-Cycle Champion on the A18 Mountain Road[1] and the corner is named Les Graham Memorial. The winter of 1970/1971 road-widening occurs on the A18 Mountain Road at the Verandah by cutting into the hillside. This also included the corner at the Les Graham Memorial with the building of a distinctive embankment and revetment and the corner is sometimes referred to as the Bungalow Bridge.[2]


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Coordinates: 54°15′27″N 4°27′31″W / 54.25750°N 4.45861°W / 54.25750; -4.45861