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Bungoma is located in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Coordinates: 00°34′00″N 34°34′00″E / 0.56667°N 34.56667°E / 0.56667; 34.56667
Country  Kenya
County Bungoma County
Elevation 4,544 ft (1,385 m)
Population (2009 Census)[1]
 • Total 54,469
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)
Climate Am

Bungoma is a town in Bungoma County of Kenya, bordered by Uganda in the west. Bungoma town was established as a trading centre in the early 20th century. The town is the headquarters of Kenya's Bungoma County.


Bungoma, was named from engoma — the Bukusu word for drums. The town was originally a meeting place for Bukusu elders. The sound of drums would emanate from the area as the meeting venue, leading to its eventual naming as Bungoma.[2]

There is a second version of the story. It says that in the early days, the area was occupied by the Bungomek, a clan of the Sabaot. The Bungomek was later driven out by the Bukusu, but the name Bungoma, in reference to their occupation, remained.


Farming is the main economic activity in the county. Bungoma county is sugar country, with one of the country's largest sugar factories, as well as numerous small-holder sugar mills. Maize is also grown for subsistence, alongside pearl millet and sorghum. Dairy farming is widely practised, as well as the raising of poultry. There is a small but important tourist circuit, centering on the biennial circumcision ceremonies.[citation needed]


Salvation Army in Bungoma

The major economic activity in the area is farming and business supported by the Kenya-Uganda Railway which passes through the town. Nearby industrial centers are found at Nzoia and Webuye.

Major tertiary educational institutions include the Sang'alo Institute of Science and Technology, Mabanga Farmer's training centre, SACRED Training Institute, Kibabii University College and Bungoma High school.

The Governor of Bungoma is Ken Lusaka after the 2013 Elections. Previously the mayor of Bungoma town was Barasa Mbinga of Ford-Kenya, who beat the previous mayor Majimbo Okumu of ODM in the 2009 mayoral election, voted by the Bungoma councillors.[3] The senator of Bungoma is Hon. Moses M. Wetangula.

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The current Bungoma Governor is Wycliffe Wangamati after the August 8th 2017 election


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Coordinates: 00°34′N 34°34′E / 0.567°N 34.567°E / 0.567; 34.567