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Origin Vrelo Bunice
Mouth The Buna river near Buna village
Basin countries Bosnia and Herzegovina
Length 10 km
Basin area The Neretva river

The Bunica River is a short river in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a left bank tributary of the Buna. Its source (Vrelo Bunice), located under sharp cliffs between the two villages of Hodbina and Malo Polje, is 14 km south from Mostar. It is a very deep and strong karstic spring and difficult to access. Together with the Buna river, it flows west for approximately 10 km and joins the Neretva river near Buna village. The Bunica is a main tributary of the Buna.

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Coordinates: 43°15′N 17°51′E / 43.250°N 17.850°E / 43.250; 17.850