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Bunji or Boanzhe (Urdu:بنجی) is a small town in Astore District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. it is historically important being in the end of Dogra Rule before 1948 and on the brim of Ancient Yagistan.it was economically hub for Barter trade between Yagistan and Dogras. distance from Bunji to Gilgit is about 50 kilometres (31 mi) on the Karakoram Highway.

Bunji Hydropower Project[edit]

BHPP is a sub project of Pakistan with a planned capacity of 7100 MW, if constructed. Currently, this project is undergoing a feasibility study and detailed design. The companies conducting the feasibility and detailed design studies are involved in a joint venture, consisted of Mott MacDonald UK, Mott MacDonald Pakistan, Sogreah Consultants (France), Nippon Koei (Japan) and Development & Management consultants (Pakistan). This joint venture is known as Bunji Consultants Joint Venture (BCJV). Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, visited Xinjiang province in September 2013, to back the project.

The dam site area is located 83 km (52 mi) from Gilgit on Skardu road near Asmani Mor. The proposed powerhouse is located in the Bunji village.

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Coordinates: 35°40′N 74°36′E / 35.667°N 74.600°E / 35.667; 74.600