Bunker, or Learning Underground

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Bunker, or Learning Underground
Starring Yevgeniy Stychkin
Aleksandra Kulikova
Tomas Motskus
Aleksandr Anurov
Vladimir Bol’shov
Galina Kashkovskaya
Country of origin Russia
No. of episodes 20 (as of 6 June 2007)
Running time 21 minutes
Original network TNT Russia
Original release 27 May 2006 (2006-05-27)
External links
Website web.archive.org/web/20070608022625/http://www.bunkertnt.ru:80/

Bunker, or Learning Underground (in Russian «Бункер, или учёные под землёй») is a science-fiction mystery television series with comic undertones that was first broadcast on the Russian television network TNT in May 2006.

Series premise[edit]

In the year 2012 (a future time when the film was made), an underground laboratory ten kilometres beneath the steppes of Western Siberia is the stage for the top-secret Project BUNKER. Distinguished scientists have been working on a mysterious scientific experiment for the last three years, with a strange, anonymous, and extremely popular erotic manuscript circulating through the complex serving as their only distraction. Now a new researcher has arrived — a veterinarian, despite the lack of animals at the facility — and the scientists already in place are wondering why.


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