Bunnies By The Bay

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Bunnies By The Bay
Industry Retail
Founded 1986
Founders Krystal Kirkpatrick
Suzanne Knutson
Jeanne-Ming Hayes
Headquarters Anacortes, Washington, United States
Number of locations
Area served
Products Infant gifts
Number of employees
Website www.bunniesbythebay.com

Bunnies By The Bay was founded in 1986 by sisters Suzanne Knutson and Krystal Kirkpatrick. The company's focus is on creating delightfully endearing gifts for wee ones embarking on their first years of life. With engaging art and playful wit, Bunnies By The Bay offers detailed designs and lush materials in timeless products that promise parents and grandparents a cherished heirloom in the years to come.


The world of Bunnies By The Bay began in response to events that set the family on a journey from tragic loss to hopeful healing. On Valentine's Day in 1983, their father Ron Beirnes, skipper of the fishing vessel Altair, disappeared in the Bering Sea along with their uncle George Nations, a cousin, and many family friends. Three years later, their brother Tony disappeared while out in an 11-foot skiff.

In the aftermath of those experiences, Suzanne and Krystal believe that everything can be rescued and mended -- even broken hearts. Their goal is to sow the seeds of hope for all to share.

For several years, the sisters had a sewing workshop in Anacortes, Washington where they created one-of-a-kind plush bunnies in elaborate outfits, each with its own clever name and a witty snippet of verse. Collectors clamored for each season's new releases, and for new outfits and holiday trimmings for their beloved bunnies.

During the economic downturn, the sisters were joined by Jeanne-Ming Hayes as a third founder. Together they redirected the company to its present focus on superior-quality, timeless gifts for babies and toddlers. Their Buddy Blankets, Bye-Bye Buddies and Silly Buddies are classics that continue to bring comfort and glad dreams to new generations of wee ones.

Though life presents unpredictable challenges, help comes in surprising ways, providing the little dabs of glee that enable us to rekindle our glad dreams. Bunnies By The Bay invites their friends to learn more about Cricket Island and the inhabitants of Puddletown, where the threads of the Hareytale are woven into the sweet, soft fabric of glad dreams.

Retail locations[edit]

Bunnies By The Bay has two retail locations located in the northwest region of Washington state in the towns of La Conner and Anacortes.

All Bunnies By The Bay products are available worldwide through boutiques and gift shops, from major retailers and in their online shop at www.bunniesbythebay.com



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