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Bunny Brains or Bunnybrains is a punk/noise/psych ensemble fronted by Daniel Seward.[1] Originating from Danbury, Connecticut in the late 1980s, Bunny Brains has recorded 14 albums[2] with a variety of members.[3] Bunny Brains's output constitutes a wide array of live recordings, self-released records as well as some on more established labels such as 1995's LP[4] put out by Matador Records. Bunny Brains has a largely undocumented role in contemporary rock;[5] they have toured with such acts as Sebadoh, Devendra Banhart, Jackie O' Motherfucker, and Japanther. Bunny Brains performed at The Kitchen as part of performa07 in collaboration[6] with the artist Aïda Ruilova.


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