Bunny Whipped

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Bunny Whipped
Directed by Rafael Riera
Produced by Ty Donaldson
Written by Rafael Riera
Starring Esteban Powell
Joey Lauren Adams
Laz Alonso
Brande Roderick
Rebecca Gayheart
Music by Jessika Zen
Cinematography Bob Brill
Edited by Godfrey Pye
Release date
April 2007
Country United States
Language English
Budget $900,000 (estimated)[1]

Bunny Whipped is a 2007 direct-to-DVD superhero comedy film written and directed by Rafael Riera.

Plot Summary[edit]

Bob Whipple (Esteban Powell) is a sportswriter stuck in a dead-end job. When he learns of the murder of high-profile white rapper Cracker Jack (Fred Maske), he is inspired to become the vigilante not-so-superhero The Whip. Whipple's high-school girlfriend Anne (Joey Lauren Adams), now an animal-rights activist, reaches out to The Whip to help rescue rabbits, but she is soon kidnapped by Kenny Kent (Laz Alonso), who is also the prime suspect in the rapper's murder. In spite of his complete lack of superpowers, The Whip jumps into action to save Anne and avenge the rapper's death.



DVDTalk's David Cornelius referred to the film as "a plotless, plodding comedy made on the cheap".[2] Adam Jones from FILMINK said "With a muddled storyline and appalling character development, one can only hope that writer/director Rafael Riera isn't allowed near a movie camera again!"[3] Other reviewers said "it seemed like a 12 year old spliced it together"[4] and "the filmmaking and acting is shabby and rough at best".[5]


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