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Bunte Blätter, Op. 99, is a collection of piano pieces by Robert Schumann, assembled from earlier unpublished pieces after the success of the Album for the Young. [1]


Title Average Duration Signature Key
Stücke I 2:22 A major
Stücke II 0:49 E minor
Stücke III 0:50 E major
Albumblätter I 2:02 F-sharp minor
Albumblätter II 0:43 B minor
Albumblätter III 1:47 A-flat major
Albumblätter IV 2:07 G minor
Albumblätter V 1:33 E-flat major
Novelette 2:51 B minor
Präludium 1:19 B-flat minor
March 7:50 D minor
Abendmusik 3:32 B-flat major
Scherzo 4:35 G minor
Geschwindmarsch 3:32 G minor



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