Buntine Highway

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Buntine Highway

Northern Territory
Map of north-western Australia with Buntine Highway highlighted in red
General information
TypeRural road
Length581 km (361 mi)
Route number(s)
  • National Route 96 (WA/NT border – Victoria Highway)
  • B96 (future route number in Northern Territory)
route number
National Route 80 (NicholsonTop Springs)
Major junctions
West endDuncan Road, Nicholson, Western Australia
  Buchanan Highway (National Route 80)
East end Victoria Highway (National Highway 1), Willeroo, Northern Territory
Major settlementsKalkaringi, Wave Hill, Top Springs

The Buntine Highway is a 581-kilometre highway in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It runs from the Victoria Highway via Top Springs and Kalkarindji and then to Nicholson, Western Australia.[1] The section from the Victoria Highway to Kalkaringi is a single-lane sealed road with a few dual-lane sections; the remaining section is unsealed.[2] Funding for maintenance is provided by the Northern Territory government.[3]

Major intersections[edit]

The only major intersection on this road is with the Buchanan Highway (National Route 80) at Top Springs.

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