Buona Vista Bus Terminal

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Coordinates: 1°18′33″N 103°47′11″E / 1.30917°N 103.78639°E / 1.30917; 103.78639

Buona Vista Bus Terminal
Terminal Bas Buona Vista
Commencement date: 1986
Number of services: 9
Operator: SBS Transit
Nearest MRT station:  EW21  CC22  Buona Vista

Buona Vista Bus Terminal (Chinese: 波那维斯达巴士终站) is a bus terminal in one-north, Singapore. This terminal does not allow boarding or alighting on site, but passengers can board at the nearest bus stop. Together with the nearby Ghim Moh Bus Terminal, both terminals serve passengers in Buona Vista and Ghim Moh.

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