Burden (2008 film)

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Burden is a 2008 Australian short drama film that tells the story of William, a private school student who lives in Sydney. It stars Kane O'Keefe as William and Indiana Evans as Lara, William's girlfriend. It is based on true events that took place in Australia in 2003.


William (Kane O'Keefe) is a Sydney private school student who is completing his final HSC English exam. He is dating Lara Boyd-Cutler (Indiana Evans), but she feels that he pushes her on to doing things she doesn't want to and wants to go home. William is getting consumed by his own world after Lara gives him a break. In the meantime, he finds out that she is having an affair (although it is possible it is not completely consensual) with her stepfather, who is also his teacher (Jon Sivewright). All of these things drive him to a breaking point as he's deeply in love with her. When he confronts her about her relationship with her stepfather, she begins to leave, not wanting to discuss it. However, he grabs her and begins to get aggressive with her to prevent her from leaving causing her to panic and fight against him. During the struggle, he ends up killing her. In the end, when he confesses to his crime, he is sentenced to prison.[1]


  • Kane O'Keefe as William, the main protagonist
  • Indiana Evans as Lara Boyd-Cutler, William's girlfriend
  • Jon Sivewright as James Cutler, William's teacher and Lara's stepfather


Burden won a director's choice award at the Newtown Flicks Film Festival in 2009.