Bureau of Special Investigation

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Bureau of Special Investigation
Ahtu Sonzan Hsitseye Htana
Agency overview
Type Bureau
Jurisdiction  Myanmar
Headquarters Naypyidaw
Agency executive
Parent agency Ministry of Home Affairs

The Bureau of Special Investigation (Burmese: အထူးစုံစမ်းစစ်ဆေးရေးဌာန; BSI) is an investigation agency subordinate to the Ministry of Home Affairs.[1] The Bureau has authority to investigate legal offences, including financial crimes, such as inappropriate trading, tax evasion, and government officer corruption allegations.[1] The Director General of BSI is U Maung Maung Kyaw. Its headquarters is in Naypyidaw.

Bureau of special investigation is call also BSI. BSI operates for four laws. They are:

  1. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1948
  2. Essential services and Supply Act 1947
  3. Public Properties protection Act 1947
  4. Anti-Corruption Act 1948
  5. Export and Import Supervision (temporary) Act 1948


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