Burecca of the Maldives

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Burecca of the Maldives or Buraki Rani (fl. 1529), was a queen consort of the Maldives.

Burecca was known for her skill in the martial arts as a child and was expected to succeed her grandfather, sultan Siri Bavana Sooja. Instead, her brother eventually succeeded as Siri Ananda Sultan Ali. Burecca left for Aceh at Sumatra, where she, according to legend, refined her skill in the martial arts until she could return to the Maldives to defeat her brother. In 1513, Burecca returned to the Maldives during the night and killed her brother in a duel in the palace square lasting several hours. Afterward, she crowned her spouse Siri Dhammaru Bavana as king, while she herself took the title rani instead of the title Rehendi or sultana, which was normally worn by female monarchs.