Burevestnik (sports society)

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The emblem of the VSS Burevestnik
Member pin of the VSS Burevestnik

Burevestnik (Russian: Буреве́стник; English: Stormy Petrel) was the All-Union Voluntary Sports Society of students and teachers of the most part of high schools and universities in the USSR, established in 1957 (between 1936 and 1957 the society with the same name united workers of Trade Unions of the State trade and State institutions).

Since 1959 the society was a member of the International University Sports Federation. In 1970 about 600 students' sport clubs with more than 1.5 million athletes (including 70,000 professors, lecturers and scientific workers) were members of the society. Educational institutions, in which the society operated, had 40 stadiums, 1,250 artistic gymnastics halls, 28 swimming pools and 550 sports camps.

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