Bureya Dam

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Bureya Dam
Bureya Dam is located in Russia
Bureya Dam
Location of Bureya Dam in Russia
Official name Бурейская ГЭС
Country Russia
Location Far East
Coordinates 50°16′09″N 130°18′48″E / 50.26917°N 130.31333°E / 50.26917; 130.31333Coordinates: 50°16′09″N 130°18′48″E / 50.26917°N 130.31333°E / 50.26917; 130.31333
Status Operational
Construction began 1976
Opening date 2009
Owner(s) RusHydro
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity dam
Impounds Bureya River
Height 140 m (459 ft)
Length 736 m (2,415 ft)
Total capacity 20.94 km3 (5.02 cu mi)[1]
Surface area 750 km2 (290 sq mi)[1]
Power station
Turbines 6 × 335 MW
Installed capacity 2,010 MW

The Bureya Dam (locally referred to as Bureyskaya, Russian: Бурейская ГЭС) is a hydroelectric dam on the Bureya River in the Russian Far East.


Bureya hydroelectric power station was built by Bureyagesstroy.[1] Construction started in 1976, but was halted until 1999. In 1999, RAO UES restarted the project. The dam was completed and the first unit was launched in 2003.[2] The construction of the whole complex was completed in 2009.[1]

Bureya Reservoir

The reservoir reached its specified level during the summer-autumn monsoon season of 2009. It was accompanied with first use of spillways during planned tests. Despite the fact that all primary construction works on power station was completed, it was officially commenced for exploitation by government commission in 2011. Therefore, officially, the complex is still under construction.

Spillways of Bureya HPP in work


Bureya Dam is a gravity dam with height of 140 metres (460 ft) and crest length of 736 metres (2,415 ft).[3][4]

The power station has an installed capacity of 2010 MW, the full capacity. Power is generated by utilizing six turbines, each with a capacity of 335 MW. The facility is owned by RusHydro.

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