Birseck Castle

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Burg Birseck

Birseck Castle (German: Burg Birseck) is located in the municipality of Arlesheim in the canton of Basel-Country. Birseck Castle is also called "Untere Burg Birseck" or "Vordere Burg Birseck" and is one of four castles on a slope called Birseck that confines the plain of the Birs river.

The Eremitage building group that includes the castle is listed as a heritage site of national significance.[1] Burg Reichenstein is the sister castle to Birseck and sits on a higher slope to the north.


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Coordinates: 47°29′31″N 7°37′42″E / 47.491892°N 7.628265°E / 47.491892; 7.628265