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Burgers’ Smokehouse is a smokehouse and producer of cured and smoked meats and other foods in California, Missouri. It is one of the largest processors of naturally cured hams in the U.S.[1] The company's packaging says "Home of Hickory Smoked, Sugar Cured Meats since 1952", although the family's selling of hams by E.M. Burger and his German mother Hulda is said to go back to the 1920s.[2][3] The company now sells "about 750,000 hams a year, plus bacon, sausage and a dozen other specialty meats".[3]


The award-winning supplier sells through its retail shop, grocery stores, restaurants, direct mail (Three million catalogs are mailed out annually)[4] and over the internet.[5][6] The company has a visitor's center and has offered tours of its facilities located 3 miles south of California, Missouri on State Highway 87.[7][8][9]


The 122-unit casual burger chain Hard Rock Cafe began offering items from Burgers' in 2007.[10] The company has sent care packages to U.S. troops in Iraq.[11]


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