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Burghead masts.jpg
Burghead masts from the east
Burghead Transmitting Station is located in Moray
Burghead Transmitting Station
Location Burghead, Moray
Mast height 153.6 metres (504 ft) (North)
154.2 metres (506 ft) (South)
Coordinates 57°41′56″N 3°28′11″W / 57.698888888889°N 3.4697222222222°W / 57.698888888889; -3.4697222222222Coordinates: 57°41′56″N 3°28′11″W / 57.698888888889°N 3.4697222222222°W / 57.698888888889; -3.4697222222222
Grid reference NJ125685
Built 1936

The Burghead transmitting station is a broadcasting facility near Burghead (grid reference NJ125685) in Scotland for long wave and medium wave radio transmission that started service on 12 October 1936.[1] The site is owned by Arqiva and houses a long wave radio transmitter on 198 kHz broadcasting BBC Radio 4 and two medium wave radio transmitters, broadcasting BBC Radio 5 Live on 693 kHz and BBC Radio Scotland on 810 kHz. The long wave transmitter is part of a network transmitting on the same frequency, the other transmitters being Droitwich and Westerglen.

The station has three masts, which are all lattice structures with triangular cross section and insulated against ground. The northern of the two large masts is 153.6 metres (504 ft), the southern large mast is 154.2 metres (506 ft) tall, while the third one is significantly lower.[2] One of the large masts is used for the medium wave transmitters. The other of the large masts is used for the long wave transmitter and by wires running from the pinnacle to the ground capacitative enlengthened. The third and smallest mast is the backup antenna.

The original building was demolished leaving a much smaller building for the more modern transmitters.

Services available[edit]

Analogue radio (AM long wave)[edit]

Frequency kW[3] Service
198 kHz 50 BBC Radio 4

Analogue radio (AM medium wave)[edit]

Frequency kW[4] Service
693 kHz 50 BBC Radio 5 Live
810 kHz 100 BBC Radio Scotland

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