Burhi Gandak River

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Burhi Gandak River
Budhi Gandak.jpg
Physical characteristics
SourceChautarwa Chaur
 ⁃ locationnear Bisambharpur, West Champaran district[1]
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
25°26′02″N 86°36′25″E / 25.43389°N 86.60694°E / 25.43389; 86.60694Coordinates: 25°26′02″N 86°36′25″E / 25.43389°N 86.60694°E / 25.43389; 86.60694
Length320 km (200 mi)
Basin size320 km
 ⁃ locationBharpura samastipur

The Burhi Gandak River is a tributary of the Ganges. It is known as Sikrahana in its upper reaches. The Burhi (“Old”) Gandak flows parallel to and east of the Gandak River in an old channel.[2][3]


The Burhi Gandak originates from Chautarwa Chaur near Bisambharpur in the district of West Champaran in Bihar.[1]It initially flows through the East Champaran district. After flowing for a distance of about 56 kilometres (35 mi), the river takes a southerly turn where two rivers - the Dubhara and the Tour – join it. Thereafter, the river flows in a south-easterly direction through the Muzaffarpur district for about 32 kilometres (20 mi). In this portion, the river spills over its banks and a number of spill channels take off and rejoin it later.[2]

The Burhi Gandak runs a zig-zag course through the districts of Samastipur and Begusarai before covering a short distance in Khagaria district, running by the side of the town of Khagaria, and flows into the Ganges. It forms the western boundary of the Khagaria town and a protection embankment built along the eastern side of this river, protects Khagaria town from the floods of Burhi Gandak. [4][5][6]

The total length of the river is 320 kilometres (200 mi). The drainage area of the river is 10,150 square kilometres (3,920 sq mi).[2]


The main tributaries of the Burhi Gandak are - Masan, Balor, Pandai, Sikta, Tilawe, Tiur, Dhanauti, Kohra, Anjankote and Danda.[1]


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