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Burian may refer to:

  • Zdeněk Burian (died 1981), Czech painter and book illustrator
  • Vlasta Burian (died 1962), Czech actor and singer
  • Emil František Burian (died 1959), Czech poet, journalist, singer, actor, musician, composer, dramatic adviser, playwright and director.
  • Emil Burian (died 1926), Czech operatic baritone
  • Karel Burian (died 1924), Czech operatic tenor
  • Peter Burian, current permanent representative of Slovakia to the United Nations in New York City
  • Peter Burian, name used by Peter Berlin in directing his 1974 film That Boy
  • Batilda Salha Burian, Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania
  • 7867 Burian, Main-belt Asteroid discovered on September 20, 1984 by A. Mrkos at Klet



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  • Burjan, a village in Azad Kashmir