Burke River (Queensland)

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Burke River
StateLibQld 1 142647 Boating on the Bourke River at Boulia, Queensland, ca.1906.jpg
Boating on the Bourke River at Boulia, Queensland, ca.1906
Country Australia
State Queensland
Region Central West Queensland
Part of Georgina River, Lake Eyre basin
City Boulia
Source Standish Ranges
Mouth confluence with Eyre Creek
Wikimedia Commons: Burke River

The Burke River is an ephemeral river in Central West Queensland, Australia. The river was named in memory of Robert O'Hara Burke of the Burke and Wills expedition.[1]

The Burke River rises in the Standish Range north of Boulia. It flows south through Boulia towards the Simpson Desert in the Lake Eyre Basin.[2] The river flows into Eyre Creek, a tributary of the Georgina River. The Hamilton River is the second major Queensland river that flows into the Georgina downstream from the confluence with the Burke.[3]

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Coordinates: 22°48′47.14″S 140°01′06.18″E / 22.8130944°S 140.0183833°E / -22.8130944; 140.0183833