Burkinabé Premier League

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Burkinabé Premier League
CountryBurkina Faso
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s)Coupe du Faso
Burkinabé SuperCup
International cup(s)Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current championsASF Bobo
Most championshipsASFA Yennenga
Étoile Filante
(13 each)
2018–19 Burkinabé Premier League

Burkinabé Premier League is the top division of the Fédération Burkinabé de Foot-Ball. It was created in 1961.

Burkinabé Premier League clubs – 2015–16[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

Previous winners are:[1]

Performance by club[edit]

Club City Titles Last Title
ASFA Yennenga (includes Jeanne d'Arc) Ouagadougou 13 2013
Étoile Filante Ouagadougou 13 2013–14
Silures Bobo Dioulasso 7 1980
US Forces Armées (includes ASFAN and USFAN) Ouagadougou 7 2000
RC Bobo Bobo Dioulasso 4 2014–15
USFR Abidjan-Niger Ouagadougou 3 1968
RC Kadiogo Kadiogo 3 2016–17
ASF Bobo Bobo Dioulasso 3 2017–18
US Ouagadougou Ouagadougou 2 1983
Commune Ouagadougou 1 2007


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