Burley Griffin Way

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Burley Griffin Way

Burley griffin way sign intersection with hume highway B94 looking along hume highway towards melbourne.JPG
Burley Griffin Way sign on Hume Highway (Eastern end)
General information
Length289 km (180 mi)
Route number(s) B94
route number
State Route 94
Major junctions
East endHume Highway (M31),
Bowning, New South Wales
  Olympic Highway (A41)
Goldfields Way (B85)
Newell Highway (A39)
Irrigation Way
West end Kidman Way (B87),
Griffith, New South Wales
Major settlementsMurrumburrah, Wallendbeen, Temora, Ardlethan
Highway system

Burley Griffin Way is a New South Wales state route, is located in south eastern Australia. Named after the American architect, Walter Burley Griffin, designer of the cities of Canberra and Griffith, the highway links the two cities via Yass and the Barton Highway.

It provides a major link between the towns of Griffith and Yass, and then further north by the Hume Highway, including Sydney and beyond. Economically it provides a link between the agricultural produce of the western Riverina and Murrumbidgee regions and markets such as Sydney. The area it passes through is one of the richest agricultural areas in Australia. Hence, trucks make up a significant proportion of traffic using the road.

In 2012 a bypass was constructed west of Bowning, and the Burley Griffin Way was realigned along this road to a new at-grade intersection with the Hume Highway. However this intersection can be covered in thick fog in winter causes accidents trying to cross two lanes of the Hume highway that's doing 110 km/h.

The area is prone to fog and already had a reputation as a black spot, despite the intersection being opened back in 2012.

Burley Griffin way is closed between Stockinbingal and Wallendbeen due to a bridge failure at Wallendbeen. Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council said it could take up to 18 months for a new bridge after the Wallendbeen Rail Road Bridge was damaged. The bridge has been demolished and waiting for new bridge.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said planning for a replacement is under way.

"The first task is to finalise both a temporary and permanent solution," they said.

"We will have further advice for the community on the preferred solution in the coming weeks. We are working to restore a direct connection as soon as possible and thank the community for their patience."


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