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Burmarrad Parish Church and square

Burmarrad is a village in Malta. The main tourist attraction is the San Pawl Milqi zone, where there is a chapel dedicated to St. Paul, built on the remains of a Roman villa thought to be that of St. Publius.


The parish priest is Fr. Joe Mamo, OFM. It is thought that excavations could demonstrate the area's existence and importance in the early first century but no significant moves have been made, to date, to lobby for such studies.

Burmarrad retains a number of farms, primarily centered on agriculture.

The name, 'Burmarrad' may refer to the village's proximity to the sea. It is generally accepted that the name, in old Maltese, refers to a settlement upon the marshes. The original word was " bur marradi", where the "bur" refers to a well, while "marradi" means sickly. Conjoined, this means that the water in the marshes was contaminated, hence bur marradi, and later Burmarrad.

This tiny village is home to the residence of Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta.

Coordinates: 35°56′06″N 14°24′51″E / 35.9349°N 14.4143°E / 35.9349; 14.4143