Burmese fried rice

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Burmese fried rice
Alternative nameshtamin gyaw
TypeRice dish
Place of originMyanmar (Burma)
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated national cuisineBurmese
Main ingredients

Burmese fried rice (Burmese: ထမင်း‌ကြော်, pronounced [tʰəmɪ́ɴ‌ d͡ʑɔ̀], htamin gyaw), also known as fried rice with boiled peas (Burmese: ပဲပြုတ်ထမင်း‌ကြော်) is the traditional Burmese recipe for fried rice. Burmese fried rice normally uses paw hsan hmwe, a Burmese fragrant short-grain rice (rounder and shorter than other varieties).

A popular plain version consists of rice, boiled peas, onions, garlic, and dark soy sauce.[1] An accompanying condiment could be ngapi kyaw (fried fish paste with shredded flakes) and fresh cucumber strips mixed with chopped onions, green chili, and vinegar. The dish is a common breakfast meal in Myanmar, and can be optionally topped with a fried egg.[2]


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