Burn Card

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"Burn Card"
Law & Order episode
Episode no. Season 18
Episode 14 (#407 overall)
Directed by Mario Van Peebles
Written by Dick Wolf (creator)
René Balcer (developer)
David Wilcox & Ed Zuckerman (story)
Production code
  1. 18014
Original air date April 23, 2008
Recurring/Guest appearances

Bobby Jones
Armando Riesco
Lou Carbonneau
Jennifer Rae Beck
Carmen Ejogo
Peter Bradbury
Anthony Anderson

Episode chronology
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"Burn Card" is an eighteenth season episode of the long-running legal drama Law & Order. It marks the resignation of the principal character, Detective Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin), and the introduction of a new principal, Detective Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson).


The murder of an avid gambler puts Detective Ed Green's badge in jeopardy, forcing him to reveal his troubled past. Internal Affairs Detective Kevin Bernard (special guest star Anthony Anderson) is assigned to the case.

A part-time referee is found shot to death, and Detectives Green and Lupo investigate the victim's gambling habits. The detectives are led to notorious hustler, "Bunny" (Bobby Jones), a familiar face from Green's past. When "Bunny" is found dead, Lupo is called to the scene and discovers his partner, Green, is the shooter, causing confusion in the department and disbelief in the DA's office. The case is turned over to Internal Affairs Detective Kevin Bernard and Sergeant Gregory Cole (Peter Bradbury), leaving Green in danger of losing his badge.

Green is indicted, and his partner is forced to deliver testimony unfavorable to the defense. However, most of Green's colleagues are unwilling to give up on him, and they use their skills to dig deeper. By the end of the episode, all charges against Green are dropped. Lieutenant Van Buren assures him that he is welcome back on the force, but Green, unhappy with having "broken every rule in the book", decides to leave the squad. Lupo is given Green's position of senior partner, and Bernard - who had earlier shared with Van Buren his desire to transfer to Homicide - becomes Lupo's new partner.



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