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Burn Collector is a perzine written and published by Berlin-based writer and musician Al Burian.[1] The zine, currently at issue 16 as of May 2012,[2] contains stories from his childhood, his life after college, and his countless misadventures traveling across the country and abroad. Al Burian began distributing the zine in the mid-nineties in the DIY punk scene.[3] The first 9 issues were collectively republished as a book (also titled Burn Collector) in March 2000, and later republished by PM Press in 2011.[3] Issues 10-13 were compiled in a book titled Natural Disasters. Issue 14[4] was published as a small paperback book, whereas issue 15 [5] returned to a simpler, self-photocopied look; both issues were published by Microcosm Publishing.